La Marzocco 'offline programming mode'

The La Marzocco GS3 is a fantastic machine, with a simple interface for the barista. The only problem is that there are some features that are hard to get to once you've forgotten how they work. This is especially true of the offline programming mode. Here I will cover all of the information you need to set up your GS3 in offline programming mode.

I wanted to share some insights I had recently on 'programming' my La Marzocco GS/3 AV. I needed to get into the offline menu.

As you might know, the La Marzocco has two types of menus: an online-mode where you can set the clock, machine name etc. and an offline-mode, where it gets really advanced.

In the manual you will find these instructions to access the offline-mode:

  1. Power off your machine

  2. Power on your machine while holding the function button for around 10 seconds

Now, according to the manual you have entered the offline-mode menu.

Well, on my machine, that didn't work. I have a machine from 2019 and it was the last one, without the WiFi module. Luckily, when I bought the machine, they placed the La Marzocco Retro kit into my GS/3, allowing me to connect it to WiFi and of course the La Marzocco App.

But due to this nice enhancement, I couldn't access my offline-mode menu.

So, after searching around I finally stumbled across some information on how to enter the menu. And actually this is quite simple 😃

  1. Set your machine in stand-by mode (a feature that comes with the retro kit) by pushing the function and the power button at the same time.

  2. Then, when in stand-by mode, press the function button for around 10 seconds.

When you see the Language Selection appear, you know that you are in the offline-mode menu!


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